30 New Braineos Decks This Week

Over 30 new decks were created on Braineos this week, here are some of our favourites: Spanish Opinions: A good collection of Spanish vocabulary words. Stochiometry: Stochiometry is “a branch of chemistry that deals with the relative quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions” (from Wikipedia). Composers and Musical Eras: An interesting collection of […] Read more »

Braineos API Now Available

A Braineos JSON API is now available! Now you can build your own games and apps which use Braineos flashcards. There are three open API methods: Deck Search, User Decks and View Deck. Continue reading to find out how to use them.   Deck Search Description: Search for all the flashcard decks with ‘searchTerm’ in […] Read more »

Braineos Beta: flashcards, evolved!


Braineos is in beta! We are very excited to bring you Meerkat, our beta release, which includes several exciting new features: - Challenges: dare your friends to beat you on your favorite decks- Following: build a network of friends interested in your subject area- Log in with OpenID: log in with your email account, no […] Read more »

Braineos design by Safetygoat

Flip Reverse screen shot

Braineos’ design was conceived by Kat Neville of Safetygoat. We hope you love it as much as we do. We’re working hard on expanding browser support from Firefox to all recent browsers (see our guide to alpha), and we owe a great deal to Kat’s insight and imagination in creating a beautiful design. Read more »